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This summer the Guidance Departments in the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District will be offering various sessions to assist families as we plan for the 2020-2021 School Year.


Counselors are available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in addition to the sessions below that are being offered. Please contact your student's counselor directly for their availability.


Week of August 11th:   Technology 101   -  VIRTUAL WEBINAR with Live Q&A

Focus: Google Classroom for Parents / Genesis Parent Access Tutorial


Topics will include:


How to support your child and view classroom assignments using Google Classroom;  use virtual conferencing platforms;  how to access, and what is available in Genesis Parent Portal?

( 8/11 @ AHS; 8/12 @ CCHS; 8/13 @ OHS)  VIRTUAL WEBINAR with Live Q&A



Links to PRE-REGISTER for events

TUES 8/11 hosted by AHS -

WED 8/12 hosted by CCHS -

THURS 8/13 hosted by OHS -