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Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Literature Teacher of English Teacher of Special Education

Mr. William Boyer


My name is Mr. William Boyer. I teach Midnight Literature with Mr. Alten amd Ms. Twiggs. I also teach Adventures in literature with Mrs. Megill. In addition to teaching,  I help with Stage Craft for Drama, I am the Winter Weight Room Coordinator, and coadvisor to the Gamers' Club. 


Always remember C.P.R





  • Midnight Literature 2020 - 20201

     Mr. Alten/Mr. Boyer/Ms. Twiggs


    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” - H.P Lovecraft


    House Rules: C.P.R Cooperation- Participation- Respect


    Tentative Syllabu


    Trimester 1

    Focus: Man vs Supe

    rnatural; Man vs Self

    Theme: Dread, Coming of Age, Choices

    Major Works and Film: Frankenstein; Dracula; Edgar A. Poe; Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Christine; Watchmen; (Macbeth)

    Trimester 2

    Focus: Man vs Man; Morality and the Apocalypse; Satire

    Theme: Survival, Responsibility, Choices, Parenting

    Major Works and Film: Macbeth; The Road; The Zombie Survival Guide; Dawn of the Dead; Shaun of the Dead; Freaks

    Trimester 3

    Focus: Science Fiction

    Theme: Fear of the unknown; Dangers of technology; Man vs Machine

    Major Works and Film: Various short stories; Martian Chronicles; I, Robot; ; Unwind; The Thing; Stranger Things; Minority Report

    Independent Reading: H.P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Robert Kirkman, and many others (TBA). Questions and comments will be held on Google Classroom. Dates forthcoming.


    Grading Policies

    Assessment: Tests, Papers, Projects, Quizzes           50%

    Assignments: Classwork, Homework, Participation     40%

    Progress Assessments                                             10%                   


    Late Work Policies

    • Essays may be submitted late for partial credit (determined via school policy).
    • In the event of an absence, students must make up quizzes within five school days. If not, a zero will be assigned. Homework and classwork must also be submitted on time for full credit.
      • In the event of an absence, homework or classwork must be submitted one day after the absence in order to receive full credit.
      • Completed homework and classwork submitted late be penalized:
        • 1 day late -25%
        • 2 days late -50%



    • A notebook with 2 - 3 sections, a folder, and a writing implement are required daily. A 3 ring binder is acceptable. Sections include Journals/ Notes/ Class copies
      • Organization is key.
    • Google Drive & Classroom will be an integral component of this class (Docs and Slides in particular). Google Classroom code: TBA
    • Vocabulary is assigned regularly.
      • 10 - 15 words, accompanying activities, and a QUIZ
    • Daily Journal.
      • Students will complete the question/topic of the day on a daily basis.
      • The question and answer selections must be copied down (This will count as a weekly classwork grade.).

    Expectations or C.P.R


    • Students must arrive to class on time.
      • Failure to do so will result in a loss of classwork points and disciplinary repercussions.
    • Students must be seated in their assigned seats when the bell rings and be prepared to learn.
    • Students will not invade one another’s personal space (Don’t touch each other, please.).
    • No foul language or racial epithets.
    • Students are expected to be open-minded and tolerant.
    • Respect one another and the teacher.
    • No hoods are to be worn (in compliance with school policy).


    Electronics Policy


    • All electronic devices must be PUT AWAY and OUT OF SIGHT unless the teacher says otherwise..
      • Failure to do so is insubordination and loss of participation points. Parents should inform the school if there's anything pressing that their student may be expecting a call/text


    Additional Online Expectations 


    • Dress appropriately
    • Be in camera view
    • Keep camera a natural distance from your face
    • NO eating (even if muted)

    Be On Time

    • Plan ahead
    • Log on a few minutes before the start of a meeting
    • Don’t be late and cause distraction


    • Be aware of your surroundings
    • Find a quiet place
    • Make sure no personal information is in view
    • Use good lighting


    • Mute yourself when someone else is speaking
    • Raise your hand or type questions in the chat
    • Don’t monopolize the meeting
    • Be kind


    • Use a charged device
    • Turn on the camera
    • Use headphones if you have them


    • Be attentive
    • Be focused
    • Engage and actively participate with meaningful contributions
    • Ask questions if necessary
    • Don’t just silently observe



    • Be your own advocate.
    • If you have an issue with an assignment, need additional help, or are worried about a deadline, please come and see me after class or during one of my free periods.
    • Email is the most efficient way to reach me:


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