Mr. Alten



Degrees and Certifications:

AA in Literature BA in Literature 48 Masters Credits in Educational Theory

Mr. Alten

Mr. Alten has been a teacher with the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District since September, 2000.  In addition to teaching all levels of English he has also taught Creative Writing, Film Appreciation, Freshmen Seminar and Rhetoric. Mr. Alten also co-created the Absegami Film Institute.  Currently, Mr. Alten teaches American Literature and Midnight Literature at Oakcrest High School.

  • Welcome Back!

    The Rules:

    1. Respect other people in all things.
    2. NO CHEATING.  Any plagiarized work will be a zero that cannot be made up.  Cheating on a test will also result in a zero and a phone call home.
    3. If you are given a teacher detention you will have two (2) weeks to serve it before it becomes a referral.  It is your responsibility to keep track of and attend assigned detentions.
    4. Late work can be handed in no more than one (1) week late and it can only receive, at most, half credit.
    5. It is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work and/or tests.  If you are absent then YOU must find out what you missed and arrange to re-take it.
    6. No obscenities.  No masked obscenities.
    7. If work is illegible it is wrong.
    8. If you fail a pop quiz, you cannot make it up.
    9. Any and all electronic devices are to be turned off unless you have Mr. Alten’s permission to use them.
    10. One bathroom pass per week.
    11. All work is to be in standard, grammatically correct English.


  • What you will need for class:

    • Pens and/or Pencils
    • Notebook with at least 3 separate sections
    • Pocket folder to store handouts.