Mr. Richard Adkisson

Phone: 609-909-2600 ext 5100


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Mathematics Stockton State College

Mr. Richard Adkisson

Welcome to my webpage.

I have been teaching and coaching at Oakcrest since 1984. Yes, a really long time.

I have coached Soccer, Basketball, and currently the Head Coach for Cross Country, the Assistant Coach for Winter Track and Boy's Spring Track.

I look forward to teaching, guiding, and helping you through your mathematical needs for the 2019-2020 school year.


The best and quickest way to contact me is by email :

You can leave a phone message: 609-909-2600 ext 5100 

Details and Course Materials

  • Classroom Expectations:


    Arrive on time

    • Have your homework out for review. Please make sure you know what you need to ask about.
    • Please remain in a seat until the bell rings, there should be no crowding at the door way
    • Show respect for yourself, myself and your classmates. Raise your hand to ask or answer questions. 

    Cell Phone Policy:

    • There should be no cell phone use during class-I may not always say something to you if I notice your phone out, but I will be making a note of it. Please do not expect me to re-explain something if you are not paying attention because of your phone. I will write you up without warning if it is a problem.

    • I will inform the class when/if you can listen to music while working independently- I suggest creating a play list of music that you like to listen to while you work this way you can set it and forget it!


    Academic Integrity Policy:

    • The school Academic Integrity Policy is in place, there will be no copying or cheating in this class. If you do not understand something please ask, I will be happy to explain a concept and help you with your work. If I find that you have cheated on an assessment/major assignment you will receive a zero for the assignment and must retake the assignment within the guidelines of the school's academic integrity policy. I will also submit the academic integrity violation form for your file.
    • Working together is very beneficial to the learning process, but you must contribute to your own work, especially on assessments 


    Daily Class Procedure:

    • Homework Questions/Review of Answers
    • Lesson, Practice or Activity
    • Closing Question or Activity Start homework if there is time.
    • Please return anything that you borrowed, back where you obtained it.

    Grading System:

    • 40 %  Chapter Tests / Unit Tests
    • 25 %  Quizzes  
    • 20 %  Graded Homework / Projects
    • 10 %  Progress Assessments 
    •   5 %  Homework checks / Classwork/ Participation 


    Test Retakes:

    • On occasion, you may feel that you need to retake a test or a quiz. This will be on your time either after school with another teacher, since I coach, or during your lunch period or study hall if you have one. This will be on a case by case basis and let’s not make a habit of it, study so that you will feel happy with your grade.


    • Attendance in this class is very important - this year’s new schedule will make missing a day even harder-please try to be in class everyday!
    • You are responsible for making up missed assignments from days that you were absent or miss school for a school event. Get the notes off the website or a friend and complete the homework.
    • Please do not be late-this habit will get you a referral.  


    Make Up Work:

    • All work will be posted on the class calendar on this school website. Please check the website when absent or with a friend in the class to see what was missed. It would be beneficial to you to copy the notes in your notebook and attempt the homework before you return to class.
    • You should utilize the after school tutoring when it is available. Starting in October the math club will offer tutoring in the library after school. Make sure you arrange to go on the correct days of the week and bring materials with you to work on. Make sure you sign in when you arrive.
    • I arrive at school around 7am, you can always stop down and ask a question or two before homeroom.
    • Use Khan Academy to get extra help.





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