Degrees and Certifications:

Degree in Physics and Education

Mr. Ian Griffin

This is my fifth year at The Creek, and I'm super excited to be teaching at such a great school!
Teaching is only one of my many hobbies. I enjoy all types of science fiction, and can play several instruments including the accordion and banjo among others.
I'm currently teaching Physics & Honors Physics.

I am also the advisor of the science club, and one of the coaches for our esports team. If you're interested in joining science club or joining the esports team, feel free to reach out!

My school extension is 5238


Classroom Rules

    1. Be on Time – Arrive on time and be ready to learn.

    2. Be Safe – Following directions is essential. Food and drinks are not allowed in lab classrooms.

    3. Be Attentive – Success in this class requires your attention and participation.

    4. Be Prepared – Bring your materials to class every day.

    5. Be Respectful - Respect your peers by raising your hand to respond and by remaining silent while someone else is speaking. Also show respect for others thoughts, questions, and responses. Remember, a good question can be more insightful than a good answer.