Degrees and Certifications:

Degree in Physics and Education

Mr. Ian Griffin

This is my fourth year at The Creek, and I'm super excited to be teaching at such a great school!
Teaching is only one of my many hobbies. I enjoy all types of science fiction, and can play several instruments including the accordion and banjo among others.
I'm currently teaching Physics & Honors Physics.

I am also the advisor of the science club, if you're interested in joining science club, feel free to reach out!

My school extension is 5238


Classroom Rules

    1. Be on Time – Arrive on time and be ready to learn.

    2. Be Safe – Following directions is essential. Food and drinks are not allowed in lab classrooms.

    3. Be Attentive – Success in this class requires your attention and participation.

    4. Be Prepared – Bring your materials to class every day.

    5. Be Respectful - Respect your peers by raising your hand to respond and by remaining silent while someone else is speaking. Also show respect for others thoughts, questions, and responses. Remember, a good question can be more insightful than a good answer.