Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Mike Gehres

609-593-3560 ext. 5513

Bachelors of Science from Glassboro State College - Health & PE Certified

Masters in School Leadership from Wilmington University

Teacher of Health & Wellness



  • Covid-19

    Parents/Guardians & Students of Health & Wellness,

    We hope this finds you safe and well during this trying time. During this time away from the building, we will be following the school's expectations for online learning. This is to notify you that all future Health & Wellness assignments will be administered through Google Classroom.  
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at  or call and leave a voicemail at 609-593-3560 ext. 5513.  I will be checking both mulriple times a day and will answer any questions as quickly as possible.  We will be available daily to monitor student work and answer questions. 


    Cedar Creek Virtual PE Syllabus


    Welcome to Cedar Creek Virtual PE! This is a unique and challenging year for everyone, but working together as a team we will succeed.


    Google Classroom/Google Meet Rules and Expectations

    • Upon entry into the Google Meet, please be prepared for class and have your microphone muted.
    • All school rules apply (must be dressed properly, no foul language, no disrespectful behavior).
    • Google Meet chat rooms and all Classroom posts must be school appropriate.
    • When the Google Meet is done, you must leave the meeting or your teacher will log you off.
    • NO VIDEOING OR RECORDING THE MEETING without prior permission as per school guidelines.
    • NO cell phone use during the meeting.

    Class Attendance

    • Using the link in Google Classroom, you must log into the Google Meet at the START of the scheduled class time.
    • Attendance will be taken during the beginning of class.
    • Be prepared to be in the Meet. If you can’t show your face, reach out to your teacher. You will be required to engage and participate during the lesson.


    Grading Policy

    Physical Education: 50% - Skills/Knowledge and Engagement/Participation
    40% - Readiness
    10% - Suite 360 assignments 

    Health: 50% - Assessments (tests, quizzes, major projects)
    40% - Assignments (independent classwork/homework)
    10% - Suite 360 assignments


    Late Assignments

    The district’s NEW late policy is as follows:

    • 1 day late - 25% off of earned grade
    • 2 days late - 50% off of earned grade

    NOTE: Exceptions to be made for IEP/ 504 plans or personal extenuating circumstances.


    If you become ill or you are medically unable to participate an alternate assignment will be given. Please email a picture of a doctor's note to your teacher and school nurse (Mrs. Seckinger).

    Teacher/ Student Communication

    Students can communicate with their teacher via email or commenting in Google
    Classroom.  Keep in mind that if you comment on the stream, everyone will see it including school administration.




  • ~Cedar Creek~

    Physical Education 2020 - 2021

    Units covered:

    Soccer, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Physical Fitness, Team Handball, Strength training, Weight training, Cardiovascular activities, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Lacrosse, Softball, Archery, Tennis and Badminton, Pickleball, Floor Hockey.

    Freshmen only: Project Adventure 1: (cooperative games and problem solvers: first couple of weeks)

    Proper Physical Education Attire: For safety and hygiene reasons, students are required to fully change their clothes before and after P.E. class. NO JEWELRY

    • PE UNIFORM Grey Shirt $5 & Green Shorts $12
    • T- Shirt (different from your school Tee)
    • Sweatshirt/Sweatpants
    • Cotton/Mesh shorts **ALL shorts must be an appropriate length**
    • Wind/warm-up pants
    • Sneakers

    **If you are wearing your PE clothes under your school clothes or you get caught wearing your school clothing/pants under your sweat pants you will lose FULL CREDIT that day.

    *** All students must bring their own lock to secure their belongings in the locker room****

    Attendance: If a student misses class 16 days during the school year, the student will receive an incomplete. This includes being absent from school, sports teams leaving early, field trips, doctor’s appointments, school related appointments. Please remember if a student misses 20 minutes or more for class this also counts as missing the class for that day. (PE days missed for any reason will result in loss of that day’s credit and must be made up through written work from teacher’s website or student can ask teacher for information regarding written work)

    Make-Up Work:  After 4 class absences, PE days missed for any reason will result inloss of that day's credit and must be made up through written work from teaher's website or student can ask teacher for information regarding work.

    Extra Credit:  A student can earn extra credit for wearing the physical education t-shirt and shorts available for purchase at the school store. Each day Pirate gear is worn the student will accumulate 1/5 point towards their marking period grade.

    Lateness: Students must be in the locker rooms by the late bell or they may be denied access to the locker room and therefore unable to dress for P.E. This will cause them to be unprepared for class. Written Tests/Skill Test:  A progress assessment, either a written or skills test, may be given for each activity taught in a trimester.

    Summary Notes

    • Each class will only meet 3 times in a 4 day rotation (A-D days)
    • After 2 cycles of A-D days:   a grade will be given for each of the 3 categories. Teachers may use their hard copy spreadsheets to record daily grades for each category.  
    • After four missed classes for ANY reason the student will have the opportunity to make up the work. Written “PE Make-Up Assignments” can be found on each teacher's school web page (each missed class will result in full loss of points (10 points for each category) of that day’s credit until make-up assignment is handed in)
    • There is no basement grade attached to 3rd trimester any more. If you earn a 25% you will receive a 25%.
    • Cell phones/tablets are not permitted in PE.  Using an electronic device will result in -2 points first time it’s used, 5 total points 2nd time and loss of full engagement points (10) for 3rd time used.




    2020-2021 Physical Education Grading Procedures

    Skills and Knowledge (30% of trimester grade)

    • 10 points per class (60 points per two A-D cycle)
    • Fitness Logs
    • Rubrics for each unit
    • Progress Assessments (written and skill)

    Readiness (35% of trimester grade)

    • 10 points per class (60 points per 2 A-D cycle)
      • 10 points earned for fully being prepared (changed shirt, shorts, proper sneakers)
      • 5 points earned for proper footwear but not changed into proper clothes
      • 0 points earned for not changing and not wearing proper footwear

    *Footwear not considered appropriate (You will not be permitted to participate if you are not wearing the proper footwear also affecting your engagement and skill grades for that day):

    • Boots, Slides, Uggs, Sandals, Flip-flops, Boat shoes/Sanuks, Moccasins, Slippers

    *Clothing not considered appropriate:

    • Tank Tops, cut/ripped shirts, any type of jersey/athletic uniform (ESP CCHS), button down shirts, cargo/khaki shorts, jeans, yoga pants/leggings
    • *All shorts must be appropriate length             

    Engagement and Safety (35% of trimester grade)

    • 10 points per class (60 points per 2 A-D cycle)
      • All 10 points earned for full engagement and cooperation/following directions/on time to squad and on time to activity
      • 5 points earned for full engagement, no full cooperation/following directions/late(s) to squad or activity
      • 0 points earned for no engagement, no cooperation/following directions



    Contact Information: 609-593-3560