Mrs. Sandra Brown



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education Masters of Arts in Education Supervisory Certificate Certificate in Special Education

Mrs. Sandra Brown

Hello!  This year will be my 16th within the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District. 

This year at Cedar Creek I will be teaching Algebra 2 with Miss Tomasello and will also be teaching Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus BC.  


  • Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 school year!  

     What materials will you need for class? 

    I give out a lot of handouts/worksheets, so you may wish to have a binder or a folder.  You will definitely need pencils/erasers.  If you like to color-code, I recommend highlighters or colored pens. 

     Will you need to use a calculator? 

    Yes :)  We will use calculators to perform arithmetic as well as to make and analyze graphs.   In Algebra 2 and in Pre-Calculus, the calculator I will be using is the TI-84.  In AP Calculus BC I use the TI Nspire CAS because is has many very helpful features and is allowed for use on the AP Exam.  


    Students will never need to use their phones while in math class - phones are to be kept away at all times. 

    Math is often challenging enough for students to master - the temptation of focusing on a phone instead of on math is often overwhelming for many students.  Teachers and parents need to work together to help ensure that students understand when phone usage is appropriate and when it isn't.  Please help your son/daughter (and me) by reinforcing that phone usage while in class is not OK.  I can not take a phone away from a student, even if I can see that the temptation to be on it is causing his/her education to suffer...  all I can do is ask that it gets put away.  Many parents choose to disable certian features on their son/daughter's phone during school hours - please consider this option, it could really make a difference!  If an emergency arises and phone contact with your son/daughter becomes necessary while they are in class, we have desktop phones in each classroom and office that can be utilized.  I want your son/daughter to be safe, happy, and successful!  Let's work together to make sure that this happens.   


    Here are links to our Google Classroom pages.  The syllabus, links to textbook and other resources, and scans of our classroom notes can be found here. 

    Period 2 Algebra 2             class code:  k3qhetw

    Period 3 Algebra 2             class code:  nsm85cx

    Period 4 Pre-Calculus         class code:  t43oj78

    Period 8 Pre-Calculus         class code:  h49xjx

    Period 5 AP Calculus BC     class code: vrmp36


    After School Help

    I plan to stay after school until 4:00 in room 410 once a week - all are welcome :)


    The best way to contact me is thorugh email,, though there is a phone extension available (CCHS: 609-593-3560 x5105) if you'd prefer to leave me a voicemail.