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B.A. History, University of Delaware

Kimberley Briles

  • Welcome to my school website!  This year I am teaching Honors and ICR United States History I.  I have been teaching in the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District since 2004.  Here at Cedar Creek I am also the Head Field Hockey Coach and President of the GEHREA.  I am looking forward to a great school year and can't wait to work with all of you!

    USI Course Description: We will survey American history until 1920, covering topics such as the Columbian exchange, European colonization of the New World, trans-Atlantic slavery, the causes and consequences of the US War of Independence, the negotiation of the US Constitution, industrialization, monetary policy in the early US, Westward Expansion, slave rebellions, the evolution of sectional conflict, the US Civil War, Reconstruction, Gilded Age, the US emergence on the Global Stage and the Progressive Era.

    Goals for the course: 1) identify significant events that contributed to the development of the United States; 2) discuss competing interpretations of major historical events in American history from Pre-Columbian Societies until to US Emergence on the Global Stage;  3) discuss sources of historical change, and explain cause and effect relationships as they pertain to historical transformations; 4) use vocabulary common to history and to be able to explain the historical developments of the American society up to 1920.

    Grading: Genesis is updated weekly.

    50% - Assessment: Tests, Papers, Projects, Quizzes * 40% - Homework & Classwork Assignments * 10% - Progress Assessments

    Extra Credit is provided throughout the marking period.  It is described and assigned at the discretion of the instructor and it will be available to all students only at those times specified by the instructor. 

    **Ask about the 9/11 Extra Credit Opportunity & Current Event Summaries**

    Important note: If you see a "M" as a student grade, that means the assignment is currently missing, students have three days to make up missing assignments.  If you see a "0" that means the student did not complete/hand in the assignment in the allotted time period.  Any other number is the actual grade that was earned.

    Please ask your student about accessing Google Classroom for all course information and assignments.