• GEHRHSD Anti-Bullying Team

    Brenda Callaghan

    Anti-Bullying Coordinator - District

    1.609.909.2600 Ext. 2664


    Kathryn Taylor

    Anti-Bullying Specialist - Absegami High School

    1.609.652.2473 Ext. 3220



    Jean Gwathney

    Anti-Bullying Specialist - Cedar Creek High School

    1.609.593.3560 Ext. 4041


    Doug Koury

    Anti-Bullying Specialist - Oakcrest High School

    1.609.909.2600 Ext. 2653


    The HIB Report Form should be completed and returned to:
    Absegami - Brian Aron, Assistant Principal
    Cedar Creek - Sue Foreman, Assistant Principal
    Oakcrest - Michael Wilbraham, Assistant Principal


    GEHRHSD Affirmative Action Team

    Brenda Callaghan

    Affirmative Action Officer - District

    1.609.909.2600 Ext. 2664

    Leslie Madison

    Affirmative Action Officer - Absegami

    1.609.652.2473 Ex. 3925


    Susan Forman

    Affirmative Action Officer - Cedar Creek High School

    1.609.593.3560 Ex. 4021


    Mike Wilbraham

    Affirmative Action Officer

    1.609.909.2600 Ex. 2672

    Interpreting, Publicizing, and Public Review of the Grades 

    Interpreting — Under the Commissioner’s Program, the school grade is a raw score of data and the sum of the ratings for all indicators within each core element on the School Self-Assessment (e.g., 65 of 78 points). The maximum total score for a school is 78 points. The school district’s grade is an average of the total scores of all schools in the school district. The department issued grade is not represented as a letter grade.

    The Department is not issuing any associated value or ranking for the raw and average scores. The raw and average scores reflect the school and school district’s degree of compliance with the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR), as determined primarily through each school’s self-assessment of its implementation of the ABR.

    We continue to regularly monitor the climate within our district buildings through our School Climate and Safety Committee