Period 1 - Film Production

  • Film Production

    Grades 9-12

    5 Credits

    Google Classroom - eqpf3fj


    The Film Production class is a course consisting of Motion Pictures Through the Years and Film Production. It will blend practical, hands-on learning with grounding in the aesthetics and craft of photography and moviemaking. The focus will be on the evolution of cinema from early concepts (such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s camera obscura) to the multi-billion dollar industry it has become. Students will be guided through a number of activities to engage them in film theory and production skills. 

    Upon completion of the course, students will demonstrate a strong understanding of the history and trade of movie making. Via integrated study and a creation of works that directly coincide with historical events, styles, movements, techniques, methods and genre, students will learn and achieve. 

    **Note - In the past, this course has also been a Dual Credit Course with Stockton University



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