• The Physics 9 course introduces students to the study of physics conceptually by studying physical phenomena, and by requiring them to describe those phenomena computationally and graphically, both in the classroom and the laboratory. The major topics include kinematics, mechanics, impulse, momentum, energy, thermodynamics, waves, light, optics, sound, electricity, and magnetism. The Physics 9 course differs from other classes in its rigor, and in the depth of some topics.


    1. 3 ring binder (1-2”)
    2. Notebook (perforated edges preferred)
    3. Pencil
    4. Scientific calculator
    5. Other (To be announced)


    Grading for this class is based on a total points system, with the exception of progress reports. Progress reports count for 10% of each trimester grades. Grading will consist primarily of tests, quizzes, lab reports, and projects. Please check the google classroom calendar for due dates.


    If you are unable to attend class, please contact me as soon as possible.  If a class is missed, it is the responsibility of the student to make up all work missed.  This can be done by speaking with the teacher privately before or after class, not during class. Notes and class discussion are essential for succeeding in this class. Please plan ahead of time if you know you are going to be absent.

    All tests and quizzes must be made up within the week of the student’s return to class – or they become ZEROS. All tests and quizzes must be made up.  Labs and projects will be made up at the teachers’ discretion.

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