Class Expectations

    It is my expectation that all students will be respectful to all members of our
    class at all times. Students will be expected to arrive to class, both virtually and in person, in a timely
    manner, engage in the assigned work throughout the class and ask
    appropriate questions. I expect assignments to be handed in on their due
    date, and for students who are absent to hand in the missed assignment(s) in a
    timely manner.

    I expect us all to have a great year at Cedar Creek because after all we

    The Pirates!


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    Computing for College - Course Syllabus

    Semester 1

    1. Naviance
    • personality survey
    • college majors/job outlook
    • College Research
    • Determine reach, target and safety school
    1. SAT Prep
    • Kahn Academy
    • Collegboard.com
    1. College application
    • Essays
    • Common App
    • Terminology
    • Recommendations
    1. Financial Aid
    • FAFSA- Free App for Federal Student Aid
    • Terminology
    1. Scholarships
    2. Financial Literacy
    • Credit/credit cards

    Semester 2

    1. MS Office
    • Word, Excel
    • College use for each program including essay writing, track changes, reports, tables, spreadsheets, graphs
    1. Financial Literacy
    • Bank account, checking, student loans,
    • paychecks


    Semester 3

    1. Scholarships – local

    2. MS Office
      - PPT presentation software


    1. Starting College
      • Where to buy Books
      • Packing/Traveling
    2. Summer Employment
      • Resume writing
      • Job Interviewing

    Grading Policy

    The following grading formula will be used along with a whole point system within these weights:

    50% - Assessment: Tests, Papers, Projects, Quizzes

    40% - Assignments

    10% - Progress Assessments

    Cell Phone Policy


    Students may use their cell phone for educational use in the classroom with the permission of the teacher. Any unauthorized use will not be permitted.