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Education Philosophy

The future of the United States of America lies within the education of our future generations. As this nation grows to be more diverse, it is absolutely essential for educators today to mitigate proper citizenship through their teaching practices. There are four ways in which I believe teachers today can enhance the academic development and citizenship of students in both present and future generations to come. Firstly, promoting the physical and emotional safety of each and every student above all else needs to be the most important feature of any given classroom. Secondly, creating an engaging learning environment that builds upon the individual strengths, interests, and multiple intelligences of each and every student in the classroom will aid individuals in reaching their fullest academic potential and thus create a more competent society. Thirdly, educators today must embrace the diversity of this nation through education systems with the equal treatment of all students and the promotion of cultural awareness, respect, and tolerance through the presentation of curriculum in any given subject area. Lastly, it is vital for teachers to promote student’s self esteem by positively taking leadership positions in influencing the formation of their identities in order to better enhance both their academic and psycho-social development . In turn, incorporating these four elements in all student’s educational experiences will produce better citizenship and aid them in reaching their fullest potential both inside and outside of educational realms. Ultimately, teachers today, myself included, need to be precise and purposeful in perpetuating student success by conducting their classrooms using these four principles. For the the future of The United States of America depends on it!