Course Objective

    Learning Strategies is a course that will assist students with their study skills, organizational skills, test preparation, and technology through mini lessons. This course will also help students in all other content area classes when needed For example, English essay or Biology Test. Finally, this course will help students on post high school planning transition skills. For example, resumes and job interviews. Students grades will be monitored each day.



    Organization Skills, Technology Skills, Study Skills, PARCC Preparation, and College/Career Readiness


    Class Expectations

    1. Be on time with all necessary materials.
    2. No cell phones unless teacher gives permission.
    3. Respect everyone in the class.
    4. Work hard everyday on being a successful student in all classes.
    5. Always have work from other classes to complete and/or independent reading book.

    Grading Policy

    Students will be graded by a daily point system. A total of 5 points can be awarded each day of class. Students will receive 1 point for the following categories; Folder/planner, On-Time, On-Task, Professionalism, and having work from another class and/or a independent reading book to read