• What is the Teen Center?


    The Oakcrest Teen Center is a school-based program dedicated to providing free and confidential services to all students including academic support, mental health counseling, and recreational activities.


    What programs/activities does the Teen Center offer?


    The Teen Center offers a wide array of programs and activities to assist students including:


    Group and Individual Counseling

    College and Career Readiness

    Stress/Anger Management

    Social/ Healthy Decision Making Skill Development

    Homework Help and Test Preparation

    Recreation / Field Trips

    Drug and Alcohol Prevention

    Classroom Presentations


    Is the Teen Center only for “at risk” youth or students with “problems”?


    No. The Teen Center is open to all Oakcrest High School students. We strive to meet the needs of all students and offer a variety of programs that every student can benefit from.


    How can students join the Teen Center?


                 -Pick up a consent form in the office or print one from the website

        -Return a consent form signed by a legal parent or guardian


    Where is the Teen Center webpage?

                    -go to www.oakcrest.net

                    -click on the “Guidance” tab

                    -click on “OHS Teen Center” (Consent forms can be found under the 

                     “Services and Forms” tab)


    What is the difference between the Social Service Consent Form and the Therapist Packet?


    The social service consent is the general consent required of all student participants. Students are permitted (1) visit to the Teen Center without a consent on file. The Therapist Packet is specifically for clinical counseling services with the licensed therapist. This packet includes a “consent for treatment” which allows students to undergo clinical assessments and to be referred to higher levels of care when deemed appropriate.



    How can students access services during the school day?


                  -a pass from a faculty member

                  -a pass from a Teen Center staff member

                  *Students are strongly discouraged from skipping classes or using the  

                  privilege irresponsibly.


    When is the Teen Center open?


                   The Teen Center is open all year, Mon-Fri., 8am-4pm.


    Who runs the program and how is it funded?


    The Teen Center is a component of the AtlantiCare Behavioral Health System. The program is grant funded by the Office of School Linked Services under  the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.


    Are students required to pay for any trips or activities?


    All of our services, trips, and activities are free and open to all students.