EPA Period 5

  • Welcome to Employment Preparation and Aptitude (EPA)! The EPA course is designed to transform you into a viable candidate for today’s competitive job market. Topics such as locating job openings, resume writing and letters of application, interviewing and communication techniques, personal/professional development, handling supervisory positions, career progression, and coping with job related stress are discussed. The class focuses on personal finance concepts that will assist you in your future college and career endeavors, including behavioral finance, taxes, checking, savings, paying for college, types of credit, managing credit, investing, insurance and budgeting. 

    Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students will not be placed in “on-the-job” training at this time. (No student aide assignments will be made currently.) However, the course will continue to focus on the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, including applied digital skills. When we are given approval to resume “student aide assignments,” students will be assigned to school staff members (“employers”) and employer evaluations will be used as assessment tools for the course.