• Course Description: Grades 9-12  (5 Credits) Academic Foundations is a course in which grade level content in the core academic areas will be taught and/or reinforced through the use of mini lessons that correspond to curricular instruction being offered in the student’s core subject areas. In addition, test preparation skills and strategies will be provided with an emphasis on preparing the student for the PARCC assessment in terms of content and format. Finally, the student will be taught organizational and study skills which include: problem solving, critical reading, organizational and learning strategies, time management, use of technology, note taking, and post high school planning transition skills. The expectation is that students will be able to apply newly acquired skills to become more effective learners. This class is offered to students whose I.E.P. states the need for such instruction.

    Grading System: Students will be graded using a point system for their preparedness, participation, effort, peer interaction, and time on task on a daily basis. Methods of assessment will also include involvement of warm-up and wrap-up activities, studying for tests and quizzes, and APEX learning system. You will be required to keep a log of your daily participation in the class per 4 day rotation. Students will receive up to 5 points per day (15 points per rotation) for daily class participation. In addition, students are responsible to complete a mandatory 4 APEX units throughout the course of the trimester (2 Math and 2 English). Each APEX unit is worth up to 10 points and can be taken up to three times. Any additional APEX units completed can be used to supplement class participation grade.

  • Materials:

    • Personal agenda or calendar to keep track of assignments for each class
    • Pen/pencil
    • log to record daily activity

    Information to log onto the following:

    • Laptops
    • Google Classroom
    • Genesis account
    • Naviance
    • APEX learning system