• Period 1 Financial Literacy (The Avengers) (Google Classroom Code: 4fwnqqh)


    Miss Duffy’s Syllabus / Expectations

    Welcome to Miss Duffy’s class! Below are my expectations for you as students of my class as well as the projected syllabus. I use Google Classroom for most assignments. There will be a number of assignments and handouts that I give on paper. For this, you will need a 1” binder. Measurement dates will be posted in Google Calendar and posted on my Faculty Page on www.absegami.net. MEASUREMENT DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

    I like my classroom to be a place where students want to be and come to learn without feeling judged. Students are welcome to share ideas and ask questions for clarification and out of curiosity. I encourage students to learn about the topics that we will discuss as a class and topics that they are interested in. I also want to see students grow as scholars and individuals to help them be as independent as possible. This includes encouragement to be as independent and responsible as possible. Students are responsible for being prepared for class as well as for their own work (described below in classroom expectations).

      • Classwork (40%)will be assigned daily. This is a fast paced class, but some assignments will take multiple days to complete. If classwork is unable to be completed in class, it will then become homework. This classwork section includes Do Nows. Do Nows will be done in a marble notebook. The marble notebook should have your name on it and your class period. The notebook will be collected at the end of each week. Do Nows will be 10 points each. If we do not have a Do Now because we are continuing a project, this must be recorded. I give ample time in class to finish assignments. I do not assign homework unless you do not finish an assignment in class.
      • Check-ins and Measurements/ Projects(50%) will be given on a unit or chapter basis. Check-ins are my version of quizzes. They will be given multiple times a week to check students’ understanding. Measurements are my tests and will be given either at the end of a unit or after a couple chapters.


    • Progress Assessments (10%) will be given once a trimester and worth 10% of the trimester grade.


    • Late Work - Students are responsible for handing in any and all of their work on time. This includes classwork and projects. If for any reason (i.e. absences, extenuating circumstances), they are unable to complete a quiz / project, classwork, etc. they are to notify me privately in class A MINIMUM of 24 hours in advance. If this cannot happen, I expect an email from the parent / guardian. Otherwise, for each day the work is late, ten percentage points will be deducted from the final score. (i.e., if you score a 15/20 and were two days late, you would end up with a grade of 11/20). If work is not turned in within a week from due date, it will then be counted as a “0”.
      • If you are absent from school or from my class, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the work you missed, whether it be classwork or a check in / measurement. I will not be chasing you. If you do not make up the work in the appropriate amount of time, you will receive a zero. You have the amount of days you are absent to make up the work. For Example, if you are absent one (1) day, you have one (1) day to make up the work. All work will be posted in Google Classroom and can be accessed on any device that has internet access. Therefore, if you are out, you can work on it from your phone or home computer. If I hand back work or you miss paperwork, it will be in your numbered folder at the front of the classroom.

    Classroom expectations

    • Be respectful of yourself, your peers, and your teacher
    • No cell phone usage AT ALL
    • Do your best
    • Ask questions and be curious
    • Be punctual
    • Be positive
    • Have an open mind

    Cell phones - cell phone usage will not be tolerated in class. As a technology based class, we have the opportunity to use desktop computers. Cellphones are to be put in the back of the classroom in the pockets. Students will be assigned a number at the beginning of the year and their number will correlate with the cell phone pocket they will have.

    Other technology - At Absegami High School, teachers have the ability to use chromebooks or laptops in their classes as well as desktop computers. I ask that if chromebooks, laptops, or desktop computers are being used that they are used with respect. Please refer to the school handbook for information on technology usage.

    Attendance policy - Students are not allowed to have more than 16 absences a year as per state policy. My late policy is listed below. 

    • Late policy:
      • Students are to arrive on time to class. If they are late, they are to have a pass. If they come late, consequences are to follow:
        • 2 - private discussion
        • 3- teacher detention and contact home
        • 4 - infraction noted in Genesis and contact home.
    • Cutting class - Cutting will not be tolerated. Cutting will result in an infraction.

    Snack Shack

    • Students in my morning classes will only be allotted Snack Shack privileges TWICE (2 times) a week if they have shown that they can complete their work on time and behave appropriately
    • You cannot take orders for your friends to bring them back food. It will take too long.
    • Miss Duffy reserves the right to revoke Snack Shack privileges as she sees fit. If students are not coming back in a timely manner from the snack shack, completing assignments, or becoming a distraction, Miss Duffy may revoke his / her privilege.
    • Snack Shack privilege will be recorded in a spreadsheet by Miss Duffy



    • Standard Marble Notebook for Do Nows (ALL Classes)**


    • 1” Binder with about 15 sheets of loose leaf paper - Financial Literacy ONLY
    • Writing Utensil(s) - Blue or Black Pen for Financial Literacy, Pencil for Accounting
    • Computer Access from home**

    ** If this is an issue, please let me know. We can figure out time for you to finish assignments if needed.**

    **”C Guarantee”**

    In my class I have a “C Guarantee”. As long as you put your best effort in my class, turn your assignments in on time, it is possible to get a “C” in my class. You don’t have to be the best student, or even do well on tests. If you go above and beyond, your grade will show it. If you don’t work to your potential, your grade will show it as well. Grades are earned, not given, just as respect and trust are. Push yourself to do your best, and challenge your limits.

    Your learning is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Act as if it is. If you are having trouble with a concept, Miss Duffy is willing to stay after school. Miss Duffy usually stays after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other days are negotiable as well.



    Careers, Taxes, Checking, Savings, Paying for College, Types of Credit, Managing Credit, Investing, Insurance, Budgeting 


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