• Welcome to Digital Photography Class!

    In this course, students will learn the basics of traditional and modern photography and how they apply to visual storytelling techniques. This class will emphasize the practice of a wide range of skills related to camera technique, composition, lighting and color amongst wide range of artistic genres. Throughout the year, the class will feature a mix of computer lab time to practice digital and graphic manipulation using editing software, and hands-on time to take photographs in our school.

    Students are not expected to own their own camera, and are allowed to use their personal phones to take photos, while adhering to school policy and guidelines.

    Please refer to the attached course syllabus for information about grading policy and classroom expectations.

    • *During our closure, students will complete assignments and participate in daily activities using their own technology or personal devices. Students should check their email daily for class info as well as partcipate in the "Google hangout" discussions for their class which are also found in their email app.

      Additionally, students will access the class assignments, lessons and resources that are listed below-the most recent assignments are at the top of the list, and all assignments will have their date/date range preceding it. All assignments, once completed should be submitted digitally to the destination listed on the assignment info sheet. 

      Please feel free to contact me via email (jthomas@gehrhsd.net) with any questions you may have.

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Positivity Photo Collage
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distracted driving poster shoot
distracted driving poster shoot