• Biology is the study of life and the changes that occur throughout, within, and among organisms.   The ultimate goal for students is to allow them to become self-directed learners so they can be successful in situations once they leave the classroom.  This year we will be exploring biology through a series of storylines.  Storylining is more than just curriculum; it is a pedagogical method that increases student ownership over their learning by putting them in the driver’s seat. By focusing on the coherence that leads students from lesson to lesson over just the instructional flow that was the focus of traditional classroom curricula, students see the motivation to move to the next lesson. It also integrates the overarching concepts of science within storyline units, unlike the fragmented and disconnected stand-alone units of the past. Storylining is cyclical in nature, always leading with authentic, real-world phenomena, and revisiting the overarching concepts in different contexts throughout the school year. Students should have opportunities to transfer their conceptual understanding to new situations that presented to them and this transfer should be the focus of three-dimensional assessments.

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