Period 1 Pre-Calculus

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    Precalculus prepares you for Calculus by reviewing and covering algebraic and geometric topics that might not have been given enough attention in earlier mathematics courses. There will also be times when small bits of Calculus concepts will be introduced and explored.

    Some of the topics we will cover will be functions, composite functions, inverset functions, rational functions, polynomial functions. We will review Trigonometric functios with topics like solving right and non right triangles as well as working with Trigonometric Identities and Trigonometric graphs.

    We will examine the Polar Coordinate system and how to move points from the x-y plane to the r, theta plane and back.

    We will conclude the year with sequence and series and limits of a series and a graph.


    Expectations and Grading

    As we all experienced last spring, we are living through unprecedented times. This new style of teaching and learning has advantages and disadvantages. With that said, this class will evolve as we go. You will need to take control of your learning. If you are struggling to understanding the material that we are covering, then you will need to ask questions, set up a time to meet with me and go over your solutions to see why you are struggling.


    Remember I am here to help you though the material, but you need

    All work will be posted through our Class's Google Classroom

    Class Time Procedures:

    • Complete any video lessons and assigned problems before your class.
    • Take notes and participate by completing the practice problems.
      ● Ask questions, if you don’t understand the material.
    • Complete the Exit Ticket for that lesson




    • As stated on the materials & grading policy sheet, we will be using the

       District’s Grading scale:

                50% Assessments, 40% Assignments, and 10% Progress Assessment


    • We will follow the District’s Academic Integrity Policy. It is expected that your work is your own.


    Retest and Corrections:

    • On occasion, I may see the need for a student to take a retake a test or to make corrections to a test and resubmit. This will be at my discretion. If given the option to

    retest, the test will be graded as the original. If given the option to make corrections, the students will be given partial credit for each correct corrected answer that credit will be added to their original grade.



    • Attendance in this class is very important as each day’s information will build from the previous day’s lesson. If you miss too many days in a row you will have a very hard time catching up.
    • You are responsible for getting all the notes and homework that were missed. Everything will be made available on your class’s google classroom. Please check the site on a regular basis, especially when absent.
    • You are still responsible for completing work that you have missed.


    Again, remember we will be following the District Policy for late work:

    •             1st Day Late =  -25%
    •             2nd Day Late = -50%
    •             No late assignments after 2 days. ( Exceptions to be made for IEP/504 plans or teacher discretion due to extenuating circumstances.) 




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