Computing for College P8

  • Class Expectations

    It is my expectation that all students will be respectful to all members of our
    class at all times. Students will be expected to arrive to class in a timely
    manner, engage in the assigned work throughout the class and ask
    appropriate questions. I expect assignments to be handed in on their due
    date, and for students who are absent to hand in the missed assignment(s) in a
    timely manner.

    I expect us all to have a great year at Cedar Creek because after all we

    The Pirates!


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    Computing for College - Course Syllabus

    Semester 1

    1. Naviance
    • personality survey
    • college majors/job outlook
    • College Research
    • Determine reach, target and safety school
    1. SAT Prep
    • Kahn Academy
    1. College application
    • Essays
    • Common App
    • Terminology
    • Recommendations
    1. Financial Aid
    • FAFSA- Free App for Federal Student Aid
    • Terminology
    1. Scholarships
    2. Financial Literacy
    • Credit/credit cards

    Semester 2

    1. MS Office
    • Word, Excel
    • College use for each program including essay writing, track changes, reports, tables, spreadsheets, graphs
    1. Financial Literacy
    • Bank account, checking, student loans,
    • paychecks


    Semester 3

    1. Scholarships – local

    2. MS Office
      - PPT presentation software


    1. Starting College
      • Where to buy Books
      • Packing/Traveling
    2. Summer Employment
      • Resume writing
      • Job Interviewing

    Grading Policy

    The following grading formula will be used along with a whole point system within these weights:

    50% - Assessment: Tests, Papers, Projects, Quizzes

    40% - Assignments

    10% - Progress Assessments

    Cell Phone Policy


    Students may use their cell phone for educational use in the classroom with the permission of the teacher. Any unauthorized use will not be permitted.