• Ms. Raph's Classroom Expectation

    All students will be respectful to all members of our class at all times. 


    Students will be expected to arrive to class, both virtually and in person, in a timely
    manner, engage in the assigned work throughout the class and ask
    appropriate questions.

    I expect assignments to be handed in on their due date. Late work will be graded on how late it is handed in and the effort put into the work.

    Late work will be graded starting at 70% if it is handed in and adjusted upward depending on effort and correctness.

    Absentee students who are absent must hand in work within 1-2 days returning to school. Or it is considered late and your grade will reflect the lateness.

    When we begin Hybrid learning all students will be expected to wear appropriate facemasks in class at all times. In addition, buckets of sanitizing wipes will be located in the classroom, please use a wipe and clean the area you are assigned to prior to sitting, and use the hand sanitizer located in the front of the room as needed.  

  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE:      bqse767

  • Stock market and Investment Syllabus




    • Stocks – Common/Preferred 

    Bonds – corporate and government

    • Mutual funds, types, sectors


        Retirement accounts

         Risk Levels

         Long-Term Investing

         Short-Term Investing

         Self-Directed IRA



     •  Savings and checking accounts      

      Credit cards

      Debit cards


      Interest rates

      Credit history

      Credit score

      Credit checks

      College loans






      Life – term and whole life




      Variety of other insurances



     Real Estate Investing

      Owning vs renting

      Investment properties


      Flipping Homes




    Grading System

    Tests/ Quizzes/ major assignments              50%

    Assignments                                              40%

    Progress Assessment                                  10%


    Google Classroom:


    Class Code: 

    • All content/ materials covered in class posted to Google Classroom
    • All homework/ assignments posted to Google Classroom
    • Quizzes/ tests can be taken on Google Classroom; I will also use paper quizzes/ tests as well
    • Absences: all material/ content and assignments are accessible day of absence
      • Absent 2 days, 2 days to make up the work. Anytime after will be considered late, but still acceptable.