ICS Geometry pd 4

  • ICS Geometry period 4


    email kdeclementi@gehrhsd.net

    phone 609-593-3560 ext 5415

    Geometry is the second year of the district’s traditional mathematics sequence. Geometry includes the logical study of plane and solid figures, and the discovery of relationships of these figures through deductive and inductive reasoning. Students will study the geometric plane using points and lines, and then move through a rigorous triangle unit. Students will prove that triangles are congruent, and two triangles are similar. Following three sided shapes, students will study the characteristics of quadrilaterals and polygons, as well as, apply proportions and similarity theorems to similar polygons. Finally, students will study 3-D planes using polygons to create polyhedra to calculate the surface area and volume of solid figures

    In resource geometry we utlize the whole point system.  Many students suffer from test/anxiety when assessed, so the whole point grading makes it much easier to truly guage how a student is comprehending the curriculum.

    The easiest way to contact me is through email kdeclementi@gehrhsd.net.

    please fell free to contact me if the need should arise.


     You must have a 3-ring binder. (binder should include paper)


     Your binder must be organized and neat.


     You need to come to class with your binder, completed homework assignment, and a pencil. If you have your own calculator, you should bring it with you to class.


     You need to be on time to class. If you are late, please bring a pass with you.


    1st violation – warning, 2nd violation – detention, 3rd violation - referral

     You may occasionally use the hall pass. Hall passes will usually be issued during beginning or end of class. One student at a time can utilize the hall pass.


    • All tests will be announced well in advance. We will always have a review session the day before a test.


    test/quizzes 50%

    classwork/activities/homework 40%

    progress assesment 10%