Resource Geometry 6

  • Resource geometry period 6

    Welcome to a class that educates students on math skills used in everyday life. We utilize a whole point system so tests and quizzes do not harmfully reduce good grades.  Some students are not good test takers, so whole points grading makes much more sense in a resource classroom.  The easiest way to contact me is through email:

    phone number 609-593-3560 ext 5415


     You must have a notebook


     Your binder must be organized and neat.


     You need to come to class with your binder, completed homework assignment, and a pencil. If you have your own calculator, you should bring it with you to class.


     You need to be on time to class. If you are late, please bring a pass with you.


    1st violation – warning, 2nd violation – detention, 3rd violation - referral

     You may occasionally use the hall pass. Hall passes will usually be issued during beginning or end of class. One student at a time can utilize the hall pass.


    • All tests will be announced well in advance. We will always have a review session the day before a test.


    Tests/Quizzess 50%

    Classwork/activities/homework 40%

    progress assesments 10%