• Honors Cybersecurity introduces the tools and concepts of cybersecurity and encourages students to create solutions that allow people to share computing resources while protecting privacy. Nationally, computational resources are vulnerable and frequently attacked; in Cybersecurity, students solve problems by understanding and closing these vulnerabilities. This course raises students’ knowledge of and commitment to ethical computing behavior. It also aims to develop students’ skills as consumers, friends, citizens, and employees who can effectively contribute to communities with a dependable cyber-infrastructure that moves and processes information safely.

  • Happy Friday everyone!  Just a few announcements to end our week.  


    First and foremost, I wanted to say thank you to all of you! To my students, I am very proud to call all of you my students. The majority of you have shown how responsible you can be in handling a very tough adjustment to online learning. Thank you to all the parents and guardians for your support in making our remote learning successful. This has definitely been a learning experience for all of us!


    Moving forward I will continue using Google Hangouts to send daily reminders of each day’s assignments. Students please download the app if you have not done so already, I would like to encourage more class communication through our Class Group Chats.  As always, I will also be available via email. 


    I will continue to post the week’s assignments on Monday with varying due dates and I will update Genesis daily as work is submitted.  Please continue to check Google Hangouts and Google Classroom daily for any changes or updates. As I keep mentioning, the work will continue to grow so please keep on top of things.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, please contact me and we can discuss.    


    Starting Monday there will be a new way of keeping track of attendance. On 3/25 messages were sent out to all parents and students. Please make sure that every day you check your school email and complete the daily attendance google form. 


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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  • Happy Friday everyone!  Just a few announcements to end our week.  


    First and foremost, if you have not already done so, students, please download the Google Hangouts app.  We are using Hangouts and Classroom to keep you updated on any changes to the situation as well as any assignments.  Make sure you check both of these at least once everyday, as we are using this for attendance purposes as well.  I repeat check both Google Hangouts and Google Classroom every day.


    Second, this week's assignments are due by the end of today.  I have been updating Genesis daily with your progress and will continue to do so going forward. 


    Students, please continue to stay up to date with your assignments.  You were given this week to get used to Remote Learning, but the workload and number of assignments will increase moving forward.  Be prepared!


    If a student has not checked in at all or completed any work this week, teachers will begin contacting home next week.


    If you have any questions or concerns moving forward, please feel free to contact me.

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  • Hello to all my students and parents/guardians.  I am writing this to inform you about the expectations for PLTW Cybersecurity moving forward as we begin Remote Learning until April 20th.  As we are all aware, this is an unprecedented situation. I’m sure you all have many questions and concerns and I will do my best to address as many as possible here.


    I will be posting weekly assignments on google classroom starting tomorrow.  All assignments will be due by Friday of that week. The completion of these assignments will count as your attendance and participation for the week.  I will be available throughout each day via email and google hangouts. We will be following a half day Straight 8 schedule.


    If you have trouble with submitting responses, please email or otherwise contact me and we will work something out individually as necessary.  We will all get through this together, but please remember that communication is vital. Please make sure you check Google Classroom daily for any new updates or information as they are available.


    If you have any questions or concerns moving forward, please feel free to contact me.  


    Nicholas Rohovie

    Absegami High School

    Special Education Department


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