• The Advanced Placement Calculus curriculum to be covered is similar to a college-level, first semester Calculus course and some schools may accept successful completion of this course (as demonstrated by a score of 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB exam) for credit and/or placement. This course is open to junior and senior students who have successfully mastered the content of four college-preparatory mathematics courses including Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. The focus of this course is divided into two branches: differential and integral calculus. The course will investigate four major ideas of these branches during the year: limits, derivatives, indefinite integrals, and definite integrals, in preparation for the Advanced Placement Exam. The integration of technology is fundamental to this course and concepts are investigated and solved analytically, graphically, numerically and verbally. Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement Calculus AB Exam in May.
    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and/or an 80 or above in Honors Pre-Calculus

  • All Assignments and Announcements will be communicated through Google Classroom

    Class Code: zvxns3c