• Honors British Lit ~

    Contact Information:

    Mr. Charles Breitzman                                       

    Email: cbreitzman@gehrhsd.net

    Ext: 5008       

  • Course Description

    Honors British Literature is designed for students who wish to prepare for post-secondary education by taking an advanced course in language arts. The course is a reading and writing intensive class that examines British literature in context and should model the format of a typical post-secondary course. The content of the course will focus on British literature and the literary movements associated with each era.  The course also prepares students by focusing on writing skills, practices and strategies that will prove most useful for writing in the post-secondary classroom with a primary focus on organizational strategies. Students will complete college application essays and develop research writing skills throughout the course of the year which should culminate with a research assignment.



  • Grading Policy:

    Grading Policy

    Percentages may vary depending on the marking period’s emphasis

    • Homework/Classwork Assignments = 40%
    • Tests/Quizzes/Major Assignments = 50%
    • Progress Assessments = 10%
    • Grades will be updated every 7-10 days and will be available on Genesis.

    Late Homework Policy: 

      • For each day late, the assignment will lose 10% of the grade.
      • After 5 school days, the assignment is no longer acceptable.
      • Some assignments may not be made up at all (EX- if we are using the homework for a class discussion)


    Skills we will work on this year:

    • Reading: comprehension, questioning, analysis, synthesis, connections, predictions
    • Advanced Writing for College: Research Paper, Analysis Essay, Comparison/Contrast Essay, among others
    • Vocabulary: using context clues, memorizing, applying
    • Grammar: recognition and application while speaking and writing 
    • Public Speaking: small group discussions, whole class presentations
    • Organization: taking notes, using graphic organizers, outlining facts/details
    • College Application Documents -- Application Essay, Letter of Recommendation request letter, Resume.

    Independent Reading:

    • Each student is expected to have a parent-approved independent reading book with them every day in class.
    • Options for borrowing books:
      • Public Library; Absegami HS Library, my personal classroom library
    • IR days will be on Fridays (day is subject to change, students should always have books with them in class)
    • Reading independently for a set amount of time
    • Responding to journal questions (these stay in the classroom)
    • Teacher conferences 

     Class Rules/Expectations: (These apply to the classroom; Virtual rules will be discussed on the first day of virtual classroom)

    1. Come to class and be on time.  We do things here that cannot be replaced by “just doing the work,” so attendance is important.
    2. No one can learn in an atmosphere of chaos, so don’t create or add to one.  Be respectful, mostly quiet, and in your seat unless otherwise directed.  Be a team player and work to get along with others. Never line up at the door before the bell
    3. Bring a notebook and a pen every day.  I have no preference on notebooks, as long as it is organized. 
    4. Pen = Blue or Black ink please.
    5. All work which has you write a complete sentence or more, needs to be done in pen.  10 point deduction for breaking this rule. Quizzes and tests and vocab homework can be pencil.  Your notes are your notes, but I think pencil is smudgy and light.
    6. Do your homework and do it on time.  Work I collect, but don’t immediately go over will receive a 10 point deduction per day late.  Work I go over in class will only be worth 50% if not handed in on time.  You won’t know when I’m just going to collect and when I’m going over the work.  So, save us all, the headache and do it on time.
    7. Absent on the day of a previously announced test?  Be prepared to take a different version of it the day you return.  Miss a pop quiz?  Same deal.  Miss an extended period of time?  See me when you return and make arrangements.  Get someone in the class’s number and if you are absent, text/call/contact them to find out what you are missing.
    8. Keep your phone silent and put away.  When I want you to use it, I’ll let you know. 

    Materials Needed for Class:

    - Pens blue or black, 

    - A Notebook or section of a notebook which can be designated for this class

    - Independent Reading Book (parent approved novel on grade level)