• AP Literature and Composition ~

    Contact Information:

    Mr. Charles Breitzman                                       

    Email: cbreitzman@gehrhsd.net

    Ext: 5008       

  • Description: AP English Literature and Composition is designed for those students who are interested in challenging themselves academically and who have met the district requirements for entry into the program. The focus of this course is to refine students' skills both as readers of prose, poetry, and drama written during a variety of periods and as writers who compose for a variety of purposes. They will learn to analyze and respond personally and reflectively to a range of world but predominantly British literature. Particular attention will be paid to the nuances of language, stylistic distinction, and historical impact on literary development. While writing will include a variety of genres and contexts, both formal and informal, the majority of writing will be in the form of literary analysis. Students will master writing process that will culminate in the research paper and will refine the strategies needed for editing their own and others’ work. Students will gain familiarity with the specific vocabulary, types of questions, and expectations for responses on the AP Literature and Composition Exam.
  • Grading Policy:

    Grading Policy

    Percentages may vary depending on the marking period’s emphasis

    • Homework/Classwork Assignments = 40%
    • Tests/Quizzes/Major Assignments = 50%
    • Progress Assessments = 10%
    • Grades will be updated every 7-10 days and will be available on Genesis.

    Late Homework Policy: 

      • For each day late, the assignment will lose 10% of the grade.
      • After 5 school days, the assignment is no longer acceptable.
      • Some assignments may not be made up at all (EX- if we are using the homework for a class discussion)