• Mr. Bell

    Environmental Chemistry

    Room 606

    Email- cbell@gehrhsd.net

    Phone Number (609) 652-1372 Ext. 5405


    This course meets five times per week and allows students to study concepts from physical science, biology, chemistry and earth science with an environmental focus. The course is designed to develop knowledge of scientific principles and to improve laboratory skills. Students will explore scientific habits of mind through guided scientific inquiry. Scientific processes, enhancement of mathematical skills and content area reading will be stressed.


    Areas of Study:

    • Evaluation and assessment of the Earth’s functioning.
    • Devising alternate sources of energy.
    • Effective utilization of natural resources.
    • Studying pollution and its variants.
    • Observation and research about global climate changes.


    • You must bring your ID, binder, homework, and something to write with everyday. Students are NOT allowed to go to their lockers once class has started.
    • Students are expected to be quiet and in their seats when the bell rings to start class. Do not hang outside the door.
    • Students will not be excused when the bell rings unless ALL are seated.
    • No hats, jackets, I Pods, magazines, cell phones, food, drinks, or any other electronic devices are allowed in class.
    • Students will show respect at all times towards other classmates, teachers, and guests.
    • All school rules and policies will be followed.



    Failure to follow the general guidelines.

    • Warning
    • Call Home
    • Teacher Detention
    • Referral


    • Grades are calculated on a point basis.
      1. Homework= 5-30 Points
      2. Class Work= 5-30 Points
      3. Vocabulary= 10-25 Points
      4. Notebook Checks= 10-25 Points
      5. Quizzes=25-50 Points
      6. Labs= 25-50 Points
      7. Test= 100 Points
      8. Projects= 50-150 Points
      9. Extra Credit- Students will be given opportunities for extra credit to improve their grade.
    • If you are absent from class for any reason, it is your responsibility to get the makeup work from the Absent Folder on Mr. Bell’s desk.

    By following the information above you should have a successful year. Good Luck and Welcome Back!

    I have read the above and understand these guidelines will help make the 2018-2019 school year a successful one.