• Bio Period 6

    Hello and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

    We are confident that whatever this year throws at us we will do our very best! If you need anything at all, please make sure you communicate with us. We are really looking forward to working with you all and we are hopeful for a successful school year! We can't wait to meet you/see you... let's do this!

    -Mrs. Baker and Mr. Hoffman

    This year students enrolled in biology will be experiencing new and exciting methods of learning biology. We will be focusing on natural phenomena which are observable events that occur in the universe and that we can use our science knowledge to explain or predict. The goal of building knowledge in science is to develop general ideas, based on evidence, that can explain and predict phenomena. In this way, phenomena are the context for the work of the scientist. Phenomena have traditionally been a missing piece in science education, which too often has focused on teaching general knowledge that students can have difficulty applying to real world contexts. Instead of simply learning about the topics of photosynthesis and mitosis, you will be engaged in building evidence-based explanatory ideas that help them figure out how a tree grows. Explaining phenomena and designing solutions to problems allows you to build general science ideas in the context of their application to understanding phenomena in the real world, leading to deeper and more transferable knowledge. Our goal is when you leave, you have a lasting appreciation for science and learning more science throughout your life!

    This laboratory course is designed to help students gain an understanding of how the study of living things has developed through the use of investigation and observation. Students are encouraged to inquire,
    experience, and integrate the biological principles they have learned into their own lifestyles. This course incorporates hands-on laboratory activities in the areas of Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics,
    Biotechnology, Evolution, Ecology, and Human Impact.
    Prerequisite: Chemistry & Physics for Class of 2020 & 2021, Classical Science for Class of 2019

    Google classroom Code: xj6q4l3