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Welcome to the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District email directory. The complete list of faculty is listed below. To search for a specific person, choose a first letter of last name below.

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Last Name First Name Department
Acevedo Frances
Adkisson Richard
Ahrberg Erin
Aiken Barbara
Alcoba Jada
Allen Nicole
Alten Scott
Alvarado Mary Ramos
Amend Bill
Ande(now Yandoli) Kathleen
Anderson Donna
Anderson Eric
Ann Perry Jill
Arce Gabe
Armato (now Irick) Amy
Aron Brian
Aschmann Jeanette
Avery Madeline
Bailey Diane
Baker Bre
Balestri Mike
Band Rebecca
Barber Rebecca
Barkalow James
Barmore Doug
Barrett Cindy
Barry Laura
Basner Brian
Battaglia Anthony
Batten Michael MBatten
Bell Chris
Bellace Denise
Bencivenga Carmella
Bennett Dave
Benson James
Bermudez Ileana
Berret Carrie
Berret David
Bevan Victoria
Biaselli David
Biggio Rosemary
Blair Donna
Blankenship Roy
Blazo Joy JBlazo
Borrero Kahanna KBorrero
Bowles Brian
Boyd James JBoyd
Boyette Aurora
Boylan Nancy
Boylan Tina
Breeden Gary
Breitzman Charles
Breitzman Cheryl
Brennan Linda
Briles Kimberley
Brosh Donna
Brown Frank
Brown James
Brown James (AHS)
Brown Jason
Brown Sandra
Brownhill Jim
Bryan Allison
Bryant Willard
Bryce Gayle GBryce
Bunje Cassandra
Burnell Pam
Buzby Jennifer
Caffrey Nadine
Callaghan Brenda
Callahan Judy
Campbell Fran
Cantrambone Maria
Capelli Jason
Capelutti Gina
Caplan Larry
Cardwell Kathleen
Care Tobiellen
Carr Joanne
Carrasquillo Carmen
Carty Shari
Caruso Stephanie
Cashioli Kristin
Caswell Karen
Cathey Mary
Cavalieri Karen
Cella Paula
Cervi Kelly
Cheatham John
Cheatham William
Chiappini Erin
Chretien Lisa
Cirigliano Joe
Clements Andre
Cocuzza John
Cohen Shawn
Cormier Nancy
Cornell Christeen
Corry Sheela
Corson Elizabeth
Corvino-Hackney Michele
Costal Joseph
Costello Kevin
Coventree Sharon
Cramer Kim
Crist Karen
Crosbee Frank
Culleny Stacey
Curry Karla
Czaikowski Laura
Czapczynski Michael
Daley Trish
Darrell Stephanie
Darrer Danielle
Dase (now Lyons) Christina
Daube (now Roesch) Kristin
Daughtry Melissa
Davis Rebecca
DeBiaso Rocco
DeClementi Kristin
Demark Kristine
Demary-Paone Bridget
Derbyshire Bill
DeRichie Kathryn
Dewechter Mary
Dewitt Christa
DiCicco Al
Doernbach Mary Lynn
Doran Margaret
Dougherty Alice
Dunn James
Edwards Michelle
Elkner Saranna
Emonds Velda
Ennis Terry TEnnis
Erney James
Esemplare Patrick
Estevez Sabina
Fanelli Michael
Feeney Andrea
Feirro (was Schiliro) Joelle
Fellman-Knott Asa
Feree Greg
Ferguson Janis
Figueroa Carmen
Finn Christine
Fittipaldi Rick
Fitzpatrick Lea
Flukey Kerry
Foreman Susan
Forest Mike
Forman Alice
Forney Jeff
Fortis Stephen
Fountas Nick
Franklin-Kelley Mandy
Fresne Jackie
Friend Ed
Furgione Dave
Gallagher Denise
Galli Megan
Garrison Charles
Garrison Lois
Gaskill Rachel RGaskill
Gatto Jeri-Lynn
Gawalis Meg
Gazzo John
Gehres Mike
Giannandrea Sally
Giberson Sue
Gill William
Gillespie Marian
Glenn Clinton
Glick Michelle
Glickstein Mark
Goodman Cassandra
Goodman Harry
Goodwin Greg
Gordon Lori
Graham Peggy
Grams Bob
Greenfield Mary
Greenwood Kathleen
Guenther Marge
Gunther Lauren
Guyon Gregory GGuyon
Guzman Jeovanni
Haddock Joy
Hagel Danielle
Hall Rae
Haluska Michael
Hamilton Beth
Hann Kelly
Harp Jeremy
Harris Pat
Harritopulos Jimmy
Hartman Lisa Ann
Hausmann Glenn
Haussling Danielle
Hazard Julie
Hearn Jason
Heaton Gloria
Heenan Sharon
Henry Leslie
Henshaw Tom
Higgins Carole
Higgins Carole
Hliva Eileen
Hoban Erin
Hoch Dolph
Holmes Maggie
Hood Vicki
Houck Carol
Houck John
Howell Betty
Howell Marie
Howells Kim
Howey Jaime
Howey Richard
Hutchings Janet
Hutter Leigh
Irick Amy
James Glenn
James Rodney RJames
Jargowsky Carrye
Jones Cathy
Jones Janine
Jones Patrick
Jones Phyllis
Jungblut Dave
Kadetsky Kate
Kady Kevin
Kahoe Mary
Kane Susan
Kaplan Mick
Kaye Tiffany
Kearsley William
Keeley Jana
Kendall Claire
Kennedy Colleen
Kessler Danielle
Kiphorn John
Koch Vanessa
Kohr (was Parkhill) Andrea
Konowitz Sharon
Kopania Darlene
Kosko Dawn
Koury Cori
Koury Doug
Kubiak Tara
Kurtz Sarah
Kurtz Sarah
La Rocca Lizanne
Labo Sandra
Ladik Anthony
Landgraf Amy
Landgraf Keith
Landgraf Keith
Langel-Minissa Barbara
Langraff Amy
LaRocca Elizabeth
Larsen Gloria
Leathers Zachary
Lee Deborah
Lee Elizabeth
Levari (now Molinelli) Alycia
Lewis Jennifer
Lockwood III Charles
Lodgek Scott
LoDico Tina
Lomicky Catherine
Londono Paula
Lord Nancy
Lowery Karen
Lupton Marie
Lynch Pat
Lyons (was Dase) Christina
MacConnell Laura
Mack Zachary
MacNeil Frank FMacNeil
Madison Leslie
Mager Pamela
Maldonado Robert
Maldonado Veronica
Malecki John
Mancuso Celene
Manley Michelle
Mariner Andrea
Markkanen Meg
Markley Craig
Marth Donna
Martinelli Lisa
Martinez Madeline
Martino Edward
Masters Aimee
Matlack Harry
Matousch Don
Mattern Bethann
Mayer Virginia
Mazza Beth
McCarraher Richard
McConaughy Tim
McConville Robert
McDonald Rachel
McGhee Michael
McKenna Christina
McLaughlin Kathleen
McNab Ray
McNally William
Melchiorre Lisa
Mesmer Susan
Mikell DeAngleo
Miller Jayme
Miller Josh
Miranda Haydaliz
Molinelli (was Levari) Alicia
Monroe Christian
Montecalvo Pamela
Monteleone Joseph
Morris John
Mroz Doug
Murphy Sonya
Murray Denise
Murray John
Muzslay Drew
Myers Jaclyn
Nath Kim
Nedohon Connie
Neely Christopher
Newman Charlene
Nicklow Sara Ellen
Nivar Sissi
Nocco Keith
O'Brien Dan
Ochs Candace
Olivio Frank
Ordille John
Padover Michael
Palermo Kathleen
Palmisano Joe
Parker Scott
Parkhill (now Kohr) Andrea
Patrick Kevin
Penhale Robert
Perri David
Pestritto Luz
Pestritto Michael
Petty Leslie
Philen Agnes
Piechoski (now Shearn) Lisa
Piola Tricia
Piotrowski Mike
Poane Leah
Pohlig Richard
Polash Tonya
Polizzi Melanie
Ponzetti Anthony APonzetti
Previti (now Kadetsky) Katherine
Prince Mark
Quinto-Green Lori
Rachiele Christopher
Raff Jami
Ragan John
Ranck Lori
Raph Francine
Raubertas Janet
Raymond Kimberly
Reina Christine
Reina James
Ricahrdson Debra
Richardson Clintona
Richie Helena
Richmond Mark
Risimini Barbara
Robbins Dianne
Robbins Donald
Robinson Kevin
Robinson Phil
Rock Emily
Rockelman Ernie
Roesch Mark
Roesch Scott
Roesch (was Daube) Kristin
Rohovie Nick
Rose Nicole
Rose William
Rosen Amy
Rosen Deborah
Rosenberger Carolyn
Ross Christine
Ross (Jr.) Robert
Rossi (now Vasile) Kim
Rudy Linsey
Ryan (now Keeley) Jana
Ryerson (now Miranda) Haydaliz
Rynkiewicz Gregory
Sabath Joe
Salcedo Amy
Salotti Kristin
Sanchez Cynthia
Sartain Meg
Sartorio - AHS Guidance Theresa
Sartorio - OHS Nurse Theresa
Sauerbrey Mike
Sawyer Jared
Scannell Shawn
Scarlet Joann
Scarlett Jo-Ann
Schafer Gary
Scheaffer Pamela
Schenker Georgeann
Schiffelbein Randall
Schiliro (now Feirro) Joelle
Schmid Ronald
Schurtz Kathleen
Schwarzenbach Pat
Scuderi Dennis
Seaman Joseph
Sear Steve
Seeloff Lylian
Sera Vincent
Sharp Fred
Sharpe Erin
Sharpe (was Tharp) Erin
Shearn (was Piechoski) Lisa
Shiner Glynis
Sikking Donna
Simpkins Theresa
Simpson Maryanne
Smith Veronica
Sneed Lydia
Snyder Thea
Sopuch Christopher
Souza Frederico
Spector Lisa
Spellman Richard
Stafford (now Kurtz) Sarah
Stant Kathryn
Stephans (now Tarr) Stephanie
Stillwell Mary
Stoklosa Connie
Stuller Sherri
Styles Ray
Sullivan Maureen
Swanson Sean
Sykes Michael
Tarr Stephanie
Tarsitano Leah
Taylor Kathryn
Tennant Margie
Tharp Betty
Thomas Jason
Thomas (now Barry) Laura
Thompson Mark
Tickle Brian
Tinsley Richard
Tomasello Norman
Toscano Kristen
Tracey Meghan
Trudeau Michael
Tunney Kimberly
Valentine Ramon
Vasile Kim
Vergata Jennifer
Vola Cathy
Wade Bonnie
Wallace Linda
Walters Anne
Walters Theresa
Wastell Brian
Watson Tim
Weisback Patrick
Welsh Alicia
Welsh Raymond
Wessner Christina
Wiesner Kevin
Wilbraham Michael
Wiley Clint
Williams Beverly BWilliams
Willson Kathy
Wilson Ben
Wilson Sandra
Winchester Kevin
Winn Don
Wischner Kelly
Wise Brandon
Wozniak Christine
Wynne Michael
Yandoli Kathleen
Young Cynthia
Zachary Mack
Zaplitny Pam
Zappy Richard
Zepralka Carol
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